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Irregular periods often bring pain to the body. Although no girl may want to have periods, periods are indeed the natural processes that make any woman unique in herself. Periods bring many hormonal changes to the women’s body, and when they stop, they create imbalance making a woman prone to many other infections or diseases. Knowing that your periods are coming may help any woman prepare for her schedule. As a woman or girl, you may have often asked at least once in your life- How to get your period in one hour, or is there any way to work on it?

Well, the lifestyle of people is changing so is the schedule. People are switching between jobs and their home routine, affecting their health. Let’s read how you can bring your periods within one hour to know the answer.

Can you get your period within an hour?

How to get your Period in one hour
How to get your Period in one hour

If you are worried about not getting your periods on the right date or on time, you may have asked for the remedies from any person or discussed them with your family or relatives. The simple answer is, NO, you cannot get your periods within one hour. However, there are remedies, and with continuous use for at least a week, you may have the early signs of your period leakage. Periods require proper diet, clean and proper body therapies like massage, and a routine of taking food.

Although every woman is urged to get periods on time or as per the last date of the first period, no remedy can claim to induce a period within an hour or less.

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Remedies to get your periods fastly – 

Remedies to get your periods fastly

The menstrual cycle arrives after every 28 or 29 days. Your next period cycle depends on the last date of your first period. It can be at least a week earlier or a week later than the exact date of your last period. Women who often face issues in their periods can go through various medical issues like hormonal imbalance, pre-menopause stage, breastfeeding problems, weight management, acne, etc. Although certain symptoms are normally observed during both conditions (when you do not have your periods on time and regular periods), it is certainly stressful for any woman. Both the conditions, including delay in periods or even the induction of periods on time, can bring bloating, abdominal pain, cramping, watery leakage, mood swings, and hormonal changes. However, if you do not have your periods on time, it can bring symptoms like:

  • Acne breakout
  • Heavyweight or unexplained weight gain
  • Hormonal changes that may bring facial hair growth
  • Bloating
  • Dry skin

Delay in periods is medically called oligomenorrhea.

Hormonal Birth Control

Hormonal birth control pills work best for controlling your menstrual cycle. The fact is that they are rich in estrogen and progestin hormones that help women with irregular periods. You can take birth control pills within 21 days, followed by a break of 7 days. However, we do not initiate the use of any medicine without a doctor’s consultation.

Vitamin C

You may wonder How to get your period in one hour. However, you cannot get it through the regular use of vitamins. C-rich ingredients can help you with the same. Vitamin C is known to lower the progesterone level and increase the estrogen level, which makes the uterus contract. It helps break down the uterus’s inner lining and induce periods. You can consume vitamin C from tablets, vegetables, drinks, or fruits.


Ginger consists of both anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. It helps to clean the stomach along with causing contraction in the uterus. You can consume it in the form of a drink like lemon juice or tea or garnish it with your vegetables.

Eat Papaya

History is evident that papaya helps to bring the contraction of the uterus and breaks down the inner lining. It helps to improve the production of estrogen and promote periods.


Apiol and myristicin- are the two ingredients or substances found in Parsley. Both of these ingredients help to contract the lining or muscles of the uterus. Moreover, Parsley is rich in vitamin C and apiol, which further helps to bring periods faster.


Dates are heat-inducing products believed to induce periods and help thin the uterus’s internal lining.


You may consume turmeric in your vegetables (cooked), but sometimes it doesn’t induce the proper consequences that you want to induce. So, you can directly consume it in the form of a drink while blending it with milk or boiling the mixture. Milk will provide strength to bones and the body, and turmeric will provide heat to the body.

Black Cohosh

It is also known as black snakeroot and comes in flowering plants. It is known to regulate periods and promote uterus lining shedding. However, you should not consume this herb due to heart conditions or high blood pressure.

Carom seeds (Ajwain)

Blend a mix of one spoon of carom seeds with jaggery in water. Drink the mixture on an empty stomach in the early morning. Caron seeds are known to clean the stomach, fight bacteria, induce digestion, help relieve cramps, and induce a menstrual cycle.


It is another remedy that can help you bring periods fastly. You can consume cumin with buttermilk or add it as the spice while cooking vegetables. But you need to take care that you should consume these seeds regularly.

Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds have emmenagogue properties (that help to stimulate blood in the pelvic area and uterus). It is not healthy and beneficial for women but also for men. You can make a blend of ½ spoon of coriander seeds with warm water. You can drink the mixture before your period is due.


Celery helps to stimulate the blood flow and thereby induce periods. Like other spices and seeds, it breaks down the uterus lining and sheds blood from the body.

Fenugreek Seeds

You can consume fenugreek seeds while mixing them in warm water. It is a good and healthy blend producing stomach cleaning effects and bringing down the blood through the vagina.

Fennel Seeds or Saunf

You can consume these seeds in tea or can soak them overnight and drink the mixture on an empty stomach in the morning. It helps bring or induce the periods fastly. You can try to mix two tablespoons of fennel seeds soaked in water overnight when you wake up in the morning, filter or sieve the mixture and drink empty stomach.

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The Bottom Line – 

Now when you know the answer to – How to get your period in one hour, you will surely try these suggestions to remain consistent with your periods and monthly blood flow. We do not initiate you to consume these products day long. They can bring hormonal changes and may weaken you making you prone to illnesses. There can also be side effects if you follow these remedies more than once daily. The thumb rule is to eat healthily, hydrate yourself, exercise, stay active, maintain a routine and have some pleasurable time for yourself. If done so, you will surely notice positive changes in your menstrual or monthly blood flow.


  • I want my periods immediately. I crossed my date. Is it now possible to get periods immediately?

Yes, if you follow the remedies mentioned above to induce monthly blood flow fastly.

  • I had minute spotting and leakage at the time of the date. I am also going through depression and having medicines regularly. Is it possible to have periods immediately?

Depression medicines bring hormonal changes to the body. They change the timing, the blood flow, and the amount of blood flowing out of your body. Please ask for changes from your psychiatrist. Your psychiatrist may also refer you to any gynecologist if the problems are vast.

  • My daughter is in the early stage of puberty. She used to have periods of at least ten days. Sometimes, she develops a rash that takes another ten days to fade away. What can be done?

When you are at puberty, many hormonal changes go into the body of both girls and boys. There can be chances that you may have to deal with your body growth like breast growth of breast, growth of groin area in boys, change in voice in both girls and boys, and menstrual issues in girls. If these changes bring health issues, you must discuss them with your doctor.

  • During periods, my period does not start until I eat something heavy. What can be the reason?

Body weight also defines the changes in hormones and the induction of periods. Extremely thin and overweight bodies require dealing with changes in their periods and blood flow. You must maintain your BMI and exercise regularly to maintain harmony.