5 Pilates Moves to Support Strong Bones

We all tend to lose some bone density as we age. If that loss becomes substantial, we may develop osteoporosis, a disease that makes our bones porous, brittle, and prone to fracture. There are, however, proactive measures you can take to keep your bones healthy and strong. These range from making nourishing food choices and managing cortisol levels to incorporating strength-building exercises, such as Pilates, into your fitness regimen.

“Pilates is one of the best workouts someone can do as they age,” says Theresa Barone, Pilates operations manager at Life Time. “It’s a system of exercises designed to train the entire body from the core out.”

The technique offers notable functional-fitness benefits for aging bodies, Barone explains. It helps to reduce wear and tear on joints, relieve back pain, while improving balance and stamina. “Pilates also increases the body’s muscular strength,” she adds, “which, in turn, strengthens our bones, helping to combat some of those natural effects of aging.”

Life Time members participating in the ARORA program for active older adults can learn which Pilates movements best support bone strength by attending a complimentary ARORA Discover Pilates class.

Barone shares a few of her favorite exercises from the workshop so you can try them — and reap the benefits — from home.

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